Missing the Masters

Being a baseball broadcaster is one of the greatest jobs in the world and I’m extremely fortunate to work for the best organization in minor league baseball.

I love what I do.

But there are two drawbacks to the job:  The amount of time I spend away from my wife and son and missing the final round of the Masters.

This year, missing the Masters was especially painful for two reasons.

1.  If not for a 15-inning game in Buffalo and a subsequent bus ride to Rochester, I would have caught the finish.

2.  From watching the highlights on ESPN and reading about it in various newspapers, it had to be unbelievably exciting to watch.

I attended the Masters in 2005 and saw Tiger Woods win his 4th green jacket in a sudden death playoff over Chris DiMarco.

Remember the famous chip-in for birdie on the 16th hole where the ball lingered on the edge of the cup (with the Nike logo perfectly framed for TV) before tumbling into the hole? 

I was standing a few feet away!  Here’s the proof:

Tiger's chip (with box) new size.JPG 

If you look directly above Tiger you’ll see where I was standing (circled in white).  Pretty cool huh?

I hope you’ll tune to tonight’s game against Rochester.

I’ve got a great FFF (fantastic fun fact) about Manager Ron Johnson’s connection to Pete Rose.

And “Stump Steve” is loosely connected to Rochester’s most famous company — Eastman Kodak.

Pregame coverage starts at 6:20.  First pitch at 6:35.




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