Start the Bus!

Here is the definition of a perfect getaway day to conclude a baseball road trip:

1.  It’s a day game so you can get home that night.

2.  Your team wins so everyone is happy on the plane or bus.

3.  The game goes quickly to speed up the process.

Check.  Check.  Check.

The PawSox 1-0 win on Thursday afternoon in Rochester took just 2:16 thanks to a magnificent pitching performance by the trio of Kris Johnson, Chris George, and Fernando Cabrera.

It was Johnson’s 2nd start of the year and both have been 1-0 wins as he’s pitched a total of 10 scoreless innings.

Carlos Maldonado caught both games (his only starts behind the plate), and he’s driven in the only run both times.

The PawSox already have 3 shutout wins in their first 8 games and their team ERA stands at 2.16.

Pawtucket concludes the road trip with a 5-3 record.

Steve Hyder was a winner again in  “Stump Steve” to improve to 6-2.

We played “2 Out of 3 Ain’t Bad” in honor of Jackie Robinson who won the International League batting title with a .349 average as a rookie in 1946.

Here are 3 questions about former International League Rookies of the Year:

1.  I was the IL rookie of the year in 1977 when I hit 22 HR as a catcher for the Richmond Braves.  When I got to Atlanta, I kept hitting home runs but stopped catching.

2.  I was the IL rookie of the year in 1988 when I hit .314 for Rochester.  I spent the next 19 years in the big leagues and won 5 Gold Gloves — including one at the age of 39.

3.  I was the IL rookie of the year in 1995 when I went 7-1 in 12 starts for Norfolk.  But at the big league level I’ve been a closer, ranking 22nd all-time in save.

The answers are Dale Murphy, Steve Finley, and Jason Isringhausen.

Hyder got 1 & 3 to get credit for the win.

I hope to see you at McCoy on Friday night for the home opener.  If you can’t make it, I’ll join Bob Montgomery and Steve McDonald for TV coverage on Cox Sports throughout Rhode Island.

Mike Logan will take my place on the radio and join Steve on the PawSox radio network and

Great tickets are still available.  First pitch is set for 7:05.

I’d love to hear from you.  The address is




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    Looks like the PawSox have found a real recipe for success: a battery of Johson-Maldanado! Nice one-two combo. Give up no runs, and drive in the one run needed to win…
    Thanks for bring the game to those of us who are at work and miss these pre-travel day games.


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