All in the Family

Here is my list of the all-time greatest inventions:

1.  The toaster oven (I was a bachelor until I was 38 and would have starved without it).

2.  The VCR and/or DVR (how did we survive when we had to watch TV shows when they actually aired?).

3.  E-mail.

One of great things about broadcasting PawSox games is hearing from the players’ families at

So far on this year’s team we’ve heard from Daniel Bard’s dad, Michael Bowden’s mom, Clay Buchholz’s parents and grandparents, Charlie Zink’s mom, Dusty Brown’s mother and brother, Angel Chavez’s mother-in-law, and Chris Carter’s father.  We certainly hope the list will grow.

It’s really nice to still hear from the parents of former PawSox David Murphy and David Pauley as we follow their progress with other teams.

And Murphy’s “Grandma Jeanne” will always be the official grandma of the PawSox radio network.

It’s been great to get to know so many family members, and frequently they provide great information for the broadcasts.

As I watched Bard mow down the Toledo Mud Hens in the 9th inning on Monday night to earn his 5th save in Pawtucket’s 2-1 win, I was able to pass along some interesting information that his dad had e-mailed me earlier in the day.

A few weeks ago, Daniel and I were discussing his father’s playing career as a minor league catcher and he mentioned that his dad had caught a number of Cy Young Award winners.  I asked for his dad’s e-mail address and requested more details.  Here you go:

“Catching in the Dodgers and Orioles systems for 5 years, going to big league camp 3 times and Instructional League twice afforded me many opportunities to catch in games several Cy Young Winners and All-Star pitchers.  They were Orel Hershiser, Rick Sutcliffe, Dave Stewart, Bob Welch, Fernando Valenzuela, John Franco, Sid Fernandez, the late Steve Howe, Jim Palmer, Tippy Martinez, Mike Bodiker, Storm Davis, and Mike Flanagan.  But, playing catch with Sandy Koufax and talking about “catching” for hours with the late Roy Campanella (while in a wheelchair) were some of my fondest memories!

Had the unique priviledge of catching the late Mark Fidrych as a sophmore at Worcester Academy before he started his professional career with the Tigers.  His stuff was filthy!”

After reading that, is it any surprise that Daniel Bard has become an outstanding pitching prospect?

* * * * *

Dice-K mania comes to McCoy Stadium on Tuesday night as Daisuke Matsuzaka is scheduled to make a rehab start for the PawSox (3 innings or 45-50 pitches).

He pitched for the PawSox at Lehigh Valley last year in his only previous minor league game and the first pitch was delayed by 2 hours and 10 minutes.  Let’s hope for better luck on Tuesday night!

Hope to see you at McCoy at 6:15.

I’d love to hear from you.  The address is








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