I Wonder If John Smoltz Likes Barbeque?

John Smoltz is the Rain Man.


No, I’m not suggesting that he’s an autistic savant who is fond of Judge Wapner and considers himself an excellent driver.


When Smoltz is scheduled to pitch for the PawSox it rains.


And we’re talking monsoon.


It happened last Friday night at McCoy Stadium (pushing Smoltz’s Pawtucket debut to Saturday) and it happened again tonight in Syracuse.  Smoltz had already gone down to the bullpen to begin warming up when it began pouring, and after waiting for about 90 minutes the scheduled doubleheader was postponed.


The two teams will play a doubleheader on Friday at 5:00 pm and Smoltz will pitch in Game 1.  Charlie Zink will start in Game 2.


Since the two teams were supposed to play a twinbill on Thursday, they’ll have a game to make up.  Syracuse is already scheduled to play a doubleheader on Monday, so the Chiefs are looking to avoid having three twinbills in four days.  That means we could be looking at a doubleheader on the next-to-last day of the season, when Pawtucket returns to the ‘Cuse.


The unexpected night off means that Hoard and Hyder are going to the famed Dinosaur BBQ for an epic feast.  I’ll see if Smoltzie wants to join us.


We’ll talk to you Friday night at 4:45.



  1. bettencourt

    i now have a craving for BBQ. yum.nice post. lots of rain outs for the pawsox this season, am i right. that means more summer ball.
    -alex bettencourt

  2. sittingstill

    I don’t know why I clicked through… I did that the last time either you or Steve talked about Dinosaur BBQ and I was hungrily thinking about barbecue for days. Hope it was indeed epic! (Of course, I can’t imagine it wasn’t!)

    It’s funny, for some reason Smoltz photographs smaller than he is by himself–it’s easy for me to forget that he’s a big guy until I see him next to someone else. I’d imagine he could put away his share of a feast. (Fernando Cabrera, on the other hand, photographs even taller than he is, if that’s possible.)

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