A Familiar Face . . . And Scent

Prior to Pawtucket’s 6-2 win over Lehigh Valley on Tuesday night, the PawSox and Iron Pigs had not faced each other since April 27th.  Naturally, both teams have made numerous roster changes over the past two months, and I was amused when I looked at Lehigh Valley’s roster and saw LHP Gustavo Chacin.


Chacin was the inspiration for a running gag on our broadcasts over the past several years – a cologne named for my broadcast partner called “Hyder For Everyone.”


Allow me to explain.


When Chacin (pronounced sha-seen) pitched for the Toronto Blue Jays in 2004, a broadcaster in Toronto decided that his last name sounded like a high-brow men’s fragrance and often talked about creating “Chacin For Men” cologne.


Eventually, the Blue Jays did. They held a Chacin Cologne Night in Toronto where 10,000 fans received a small container.


Here was the promotional poster.


Chacin resize.jpg 

The pitcher actually helped design his own fragrance.  Chacin visited Canada’s Leslie Cosmetics where they had him smell essential base ingredients to mix together.  He picked citrus, woodsy, and amber.


I told this story one night when Chacin pitched against the PawSox, and we decided that if there was a “Chacin For Men” cologne, then there should also be a “Hyder For Everyone.”


The essential ingredients in Steve’s fragrance are three of his favorite aromas:  Budweiser, chicken wing sauce, and the crisp, salty ocean air of his native Rhode Island.


You would wear that cologne wouldn’t you?


* * * * *


Tuesday’s game at Coca-Cola Park was a sellout, and the capacity crowd of 10,000 put Lehigh Valley over the one million mark in franchise history.


To mark the occasion, a fan in attendance named Terry Toth was chosen at random and honored as the one millionth fan in team history.


He received several prizes including a pair of 2010 season tickets.


Not bad, but I was a little underwhelmed by his other prizes.


Toth gets one million sips of Coke, one million potato chips, one million swings at a local driving range, one million kernels of popcorn, one million bites of pretzels, and a one-year supply of candy.


With all those snacks, they probably should have thrown in one million trips to the gym.


* * * * *


Poor Jed Lowrie.


After back-to-back “drain outs” at Scranton/WB, the Red Sox sent Jed to Portland to make sure he could some much-needed at-bats and Lowrie went 3-for-5 in his first game for the Sea Dogs on Monday.


So what happened Tuesday?  Portland got rained out.


Weather permitting; Jed will be in Portland’s lineup on Wednesday before rejoining the PawSox at McCoy Stadium on Thursday.


* * * * *


I wonder if we’re going to see RHP Junichi Tazawa in the near future at McCoy Stadium.


Tazawa resize.jpg 

(photo courtesy of Kelly O’Connor)


Two years ago, Boston promoted then 22-year-old Clay Buchholz to Pawtucket right after the all-star break and he made his Triple-A debut on July 16th.


Last year, the Red Sox promoted then 21-year-old Michael Bowden to Pawtucket right after the all-star break and he made his Triple-A debut on July 21st.


The 22-year-old Tazawa is 7-5 with a 2.85 ERA for the Sea Dogs. 


It will be interesting to see if he follows the same timetable.


* * * * *


Next week, Philadelphia’s Raul Ibanez will be a starting outfielder for the National League in the All-Star Game, but last night he was in Lehigh Valley’s starting lineup against the PawSox as he rehabs a groin injury.


Ibanez got off to an incredible start for the Phillies this year, batting .312 with 22 HR before suffering his injury in mid-June.  Unfortunately, in this day and age, that led a blogger to speculate that Ibanez has used steroids.


Ibanez issued a rebuttal in the Philadelphia Inquirer in which he stated that, “You can have my urine, my hair, my blood, my stool–anything you can test. I’ll give you back every dime I’ve ever made if the test is positive.”


I asked Hyder is he wanted any of the items Ibanez was offering.  Not surprisingly, Steve declined.


* * * * *

The PawSox will go for a 2-game sweep on Wednesday night as they send Kris Johnson to the mound against the Iron Pigs.  I hope you’ll join us for the radio call beginning with the pre-game show at 6:50 on the PawSox radio network and PawSox.com.



  1. blahblahblah4

    Dan, have you noticed anything drastically different with Michael Bowden this season? His drop in dominance was expected as he moved to AAA and eventually MLB, however he currently only has 54 K in 81 IP, and that would be ok if he was still an extreme command artist, but this year he already has 31 BB… he had 30 BB all of last year in 149 IP. Is he really “working on his slider”, or has his control just been off this season? Thanks.

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