Colon Irritation

No need to worry, Bartolo Colon has been located.


When I heard the news yesterday that the Chicago White Sox were having a hard time locating the former Cy Young Award winner I was neither surprised nor concerned.  The PawSox saw plenty of that act last season.


Colon was Pawtucket’s starting pitcher in the first and last games of the 2008 season and pitched brilliantly in both of them.  In the season opener, Bartolo combined with 3 relief pitchers on a 1-hit shutout.  In Pawtucket’s final playoff game at Scranton/WB, he threw 7.2 scoreless innings in a riveting duel with Phil Hughes, before the Yankees won 2-0 in extra innings.


Overall with Pawtucket, Colon was 3-1 with a 2.27 ERA.


But with apologies to Austin Powers, Bartolo was the true “International Man of Mystery.”  He missed nearly three months of the season due to injuries and was rarely around to rehab.  Colon was constantly returning to the Dominican Republic to attend to personal matters and barely maintained contact with manager Ron Johnson.  When he was scheduled to start, Bartolo would pop into the clubhouse with a large entourage an hour or two before game time and say that he was ready to go.


Bartolo also pitched well for Boston, going 4-2 with a 3.92 ERA, but the Red Sox eventually decided he wasn’t worth the headaches and suspended him without pay on September 19th.  That was the end of his tenure in Boston.


Now it’s the White Sox turn to deal with a Colon irritation.  I was amused to read these comments from Chicago manager Ozzie Guillen today in the Chicago Sun-Times:


”To talk to Colon, you got to talk to 20 different people,” Guillen said.  “You got to talk to 30 different cousins of his agent who talks to his brother, his brother calls his wife, his wife says he’s with Pedro, Pedro says he’s with Juan. I guarantee you, I’ll call [President] Obama, and we’ll have a talk before Colon answers the phone.  It’s just the way he is. I remember when we signed him. We called the Dominican Republic, and it took three days to get in touch with him.”

Today’s article about Colon’s “disappearance” is pretty funny.  You can read it here.

Bartolo is scheduled to make a rehab start for Charlotte tonight and I bet he pitches well.

Just don’t count of hearing from him again for several days.




  1. Fenway Bleacher Creature

    “30 different cousins of his agent…” Wow! Is it really worth it??


  2. juliasrants

    You know – what I can’t figure out – after all the stunts Colon pulled while playing for the Red Sox – why the heck is he still playing for anyone?? There are too many guys out there who would give anything to play and this idiot is taking it for granted. How sad.


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