An Interesting Investment Opportunity

Do you like fantasy sports?


Then former PawSox outfielder Bryan Pritz has the perfect idea for you.  It’s called Real Sports Interactive.


Pritz, who retired after being released by Boston in spring training, joined us on “PawSox Insider” this afternoon to discuss the idea.


Several years ago, Bryan and a couple of buddies came up with a concept in which fans could invest in the careers of minor league baseball players and potentially make big money if the players eventually made it to the major leagues.


Major league baseball frowned on the idea, so it’s been changed.  Now for a small investment in a minor league player, fans can receive autographed items or the opportunity to have personal interaction with their player if he advances to the big leagues.


Ironically, the first player to sign up is already in the majors – Red Sox first baseman Aaron Bates.  Here’s how it works:


For $14 a fan can purchase an Aaron Bates “sponsorship card.”  A total of 2,500 of those cards are for sale.


Once Aaron spends 30 days on a major league roster, his cards can be redeemed for a wide variety of items and/or experiences.  You can see the list of benefits here.


Bates seems likely to return to Pawtucket before he’s reached his 30 days, and Bryan tells us sponsorship cards are still available.


What the heck – for $14 bucks it sounds like fun.


* * * * *


Great news for relief pitcher Jose Vaquedano today – he’s on his way to the Triple-A All-Star game next week. 


Vaqu resize.jpg

(photo courtesy of Kelly O’Connor)

Here’s the press release from the PawSox:


The International League announced today that they have added PawSox reliever Jose Vaquedano to the International League All-Star team for the upcoming Triple-A All-Star Game on July 15 in Portland, Oregon .  Vaquedano, 28, is 4-1 with a 2.83 ERA along with 1 SV in 28 relief appearances for the PawSox this season.


He will join PawSox closer Fernando Cabrera who was elected to the IL All-Star team.  PawSox RHP Clay Buchholz was also elected as the starting pitcher for the IL All-Star team but will not attend the game as he is scheduled to start for the PawSox tomorrow (Sunday) vs. Syracuse at McCoy Stadium.


* * * * *


It looks like a perfect Saturday night for baseball as the PawSox host Syracuse at 6:05 with Charlie Zink on the mound.  I hope you’ll join us for the radio call beginning with the pre-game show on the PawSox radio network and



One comment

  1. denkerfan

    Interesting concept of investing in players. I already do that in a different form it is called “Prospecting” were buying into a player in his baseball cards/ memorabilia and hoping to sell at his high point when the general public is clamoring for his stuff. For example here is my Denker collection that I started to amass in late 07

    I do the same with a few other players Yefri Carvajal of the Padres, Carlos Peguero of the Mariners and Eric Sogard of the Padres.

    May have to try out that system though it sounds like fun.

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