Thank You Al Gore

More proof that the internet is the greatest invention ever.


(followed closely by the toaster oven and VCR/DVR)


I’m on the 6-hour bus ride last night from Rochester to Pawtucket when I read that Mark Buehrle threw a perfect game for the White Sox.


Furthermore, the masterpiece was saved by an incredible catch by Dewayne Wise.


In the past, that would mean making sure you were in front of the TV at the top of the hour to see the highlight at the beginning of Sportscenter.


Now it means finding the video online. didn’t disappoint.  In fact, today they have a page that shows all of the great defensive plays in recent no-hitters including Jacoby Ellsbury’s diving catch to support Jon Lester in 2008, and Dustin Pedroia’s remarkable stop to save Clay Buchholz’s no-hit bid in 2007.


They even have footage of Mickey Mantle’s great running catch that saved Don Larsen’s perfect game in the 1956 World Series.


Here’s the link for when your boss isn’t looking.  Enjoy.

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