Have You Seen The Cost Of Parking at Cowboys Stadium?

So I’m reading about the Dallas Cowboys new $1.15 billion dollar stadium in Sports Illustrated and frankly, I don’t know how you do it.


How do folks afford to go to professional sporting events anymore?


We’ve grown used to high ticket prices – the average at Fenway Park is $50 – but here’s the number that floored me.


Parking at the new Cowboys stadium is $75.


Yup, the cost of placing your car between a couple of yellow lines on a vast expanse of asphalt is 75 bucks.


For that price, I half-expect to be carried to my seat by four members of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.


2009 PawSox trivia nugget:  Rocky Cherry’s mom and Chris George’s wife were both former Cowboys cheerleaders.


In any case, according to Team Marketing Report’s Fan Cost Index, the average price for a family of four to attend a game (including drinks, hot dogs, parking, etc) in the Cowboys new palace is $758.58.  That’s easily the highest in the NFL, but it’s not exactly a bargain for New Englanders to watch the Patriots.  Gillette Stadium ranks second on the list at $597.25.


In baseball, the new Yankee Stadium is the most expensive place to watch a game at $410.88 for a family of four.  Fenway Park ranks second at $326.45.


Let’s face it.  For most families, that’s become a once or twice a year splurge.


One of the nice things about working for the PawSox is that the slogan “Big League Fun at Family Prices” is legit.


An adult can get a general admission ticket for $6.  Kids (12-n-under) and senior citizens are $4.  If you’re a really big spender and want to spring for a box seat, that’s $10.


Oh yea, parking is free.


The average cost for a family of four with food, drinks, and souvenirs is undoubtedly less than $60.


So next summer when you’re kicking back on a beautiful night at McCoy Stadium, enjoying a hot dog and a cold drink while watching the future stars of the Boston Red Sox, I want you to remember this:


For a few more bucks, you could be sitting in a parked car in Dallas.


One comment

  1. 4thturn

    The really amazing thing about parking in Texas is the size of the parking lot. I stayed at a hotel that was right on the edge of the lot, next to the employees parking area. It was so far away from the baseball stadium that they had shuttles to get the employees from their cars to the ballpark. I walked it at a good pace and it took 8-10 minutes. Baseball parking was $15 and I thought that was high, considering the size of the lot.


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