This Just In: Bonds Is Finished

The San Francisco Chronicle had some interesting breaking news on Thursday:  45-year-old Barry Bonds is finished playing baseball.


Bonds re.jpg 

I know, it’s a shocker. 


The source for this blockbuster news was Bonds’ agent.


“It’s two years since he played his last game, and if there was any chance he’d be back in a major-league uniform, it would have happened by now,” agent Jeff Borris told The Chronicle.  “When 2008 came around, I couldn’t get him a job.  When 2009 came around, I couldn’t get him a job.  Now, 2010 … I’d say it’s nearly impossible. It’s an unfortunate ending to a storied career.”


Bonds hasn’t played since 2007 when he batted .276 with 28 HR and led the National League in walks and OBP (.480).  He was obviously still good enough to help a major league team, but nobody wanted to put up with Barry’s baggage.


But a day after the San Francisco paper published the comments from Bonds’ agent, a minor league team issued a news release saying that Barry can continue his playing career in the independent Northern League:


JOLIET IL- Unlike the subzero temperatures outside today, the Joliet JackHammers front office is overheating with excitement as General Manager Jamie Toole, begins talks with Barry Bond’s agent, Jeff Borris of the Beverly Hills Sports Council.


Just one day after Borris made a statement pronouncing Bond’s baseball career dead, Toole reached out to the former big leaguer representative in hopes to re-erect Bond’s dying career.


“It is our understanding that Barry is interested in continuing his playing career” said JackHammers General Manager Jamie Toole.  “With two major league organizations within 35 miles of Joliet, we feel that the JackHammers would be a perfect fit for Bonds at this stage in his career.”


I know it was just a ploy by the JackHammers to get a little publicity.  I guess it worked on at least one blog.


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Are you sick of the non-stop coverage of the Tiger Woods scandal?


Me too . . . but I must admit that I got a chuckle out of this segment on Jimmy Kimmel Live.


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Kudos to Pawtucket pitcher Michael Bowden and former PawSox Ron Johnson, Manny Delcarmen, and Jed Lowrie for taking part in the Red Sox Holiday Caravan this week.  The guys visited with children at five different hospitals around Boston on Thursday and Friday. 


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