Happy New Year Edwin Encarnacion!

Did you hear about Edwin Encarnacion’s New Year’s Eve adventure?


The Toronto Blue Jays third baseman was hospitalized with minor facial injuries caused by fireworks during a celebration in the Dominican Republic.  According to published reports, Edwin’s brother lit a rocket firecracker and instead of flying into the sky, it hit Encarnacion in the jaw and exploded.


“Thank God everything is OK with my face. I don’t have any fractures or serious injuries and I won’t need any kind of surgery,” Encarnacion told ESPNdeportes.com.


Edwin joins the list of the most bizarre off-field injuries in baseball history:


Glenallen Hill suffered cuts and bruises when he stumbled out of bed and crashed through a glass table after having a nightmare about spiders.


Wade Boggs strained his back while putting on his cowboy boots.


Adam Eaton stabbed himself while trying to open a DVD container.


Steve Sparks dislocated his shoulder trying to tear a phone book in half.


Daric Barton suffered a head injury while diving into a pool that was too shallow.


Joel Zumaya strained his wrist from playing too much Guitar Hero.


Chris Brown strained his right eyelid by “sleeping on it funny.”


Oddibe McDowell cut his hand attempting to butter a roll at the Texas Rangers’ Welcome Home Dinner.


I hope 2010 is off to a great start for you.  I’m pretty confident that we are all doing better than Edwin Encarnacion so far.


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