Tough Trivia For PawSox Fans

One of my off-season responsibilities for the PawSox is to work on a few items that go in the media guide each year including something called the “Alumni Report.”  It’s a list of every former Pawtucket player who appeared in a major league game last season along with his stats.


77 former PawSox players appeared in big league games last year, including 44 position players and 43 pitchers.  Dustin Pedroia played in the most games (154) while David Riske and Billy Traber each appeared in one.


So how well do you know your former PawSox?  Here are 10 fairly difficult questions that I put together after doing my research (the answers appear at the end).


1.  What former Pawtucket player tied for the American League lead in HR last season?


2.  Name the two former PawSox who earned World Series rings in 2009.


3.  What former Pawtucket pitcher was a 16-game winner last year? (the most wins of any former PawSox hurler in 2009)


4.  What former PawSox pitcher appeared in the most big league games last season?


5.  Name the six former PawSox who were chosen for the All-Star Game in 2009.


6.  What former Pawtucket player led the American League in being hit by pitches?


7.  Three of the four oldest players to appear in American League games last season were former PawSox.  Name them.


8.  Who was the only former Pawtucket player to play for three different major league teams in 2009?


9.  What former PawSox player is the active MLB leader in career pinch-hit HR with 19?


10.  What team other than Boston, had the most former PawSox on its roster during the course of the 2009 season?




1.  Tampa Bay’s Carlos Pena with 39 HR to tie New York’s Mark Teixeira.  It’s pretty amazing that no one hit 40 HR in the American League last year isn’t it?


2.  Kevin Cash and Freddy Guzman who both played for the Yankees during the regular season.


3.  This was a big surprise – Jorge De la Rosa of Colorado who went 16-9, meaning he had one more win than Bronson Arroyo, Jon Lester, Derek Lowe, and Joel Pineiro.


4.  Atlanta’s Mike Gonzalez who pitched in 80 games


5.  Jonathan Papelbon, Tim Wakefield, Carlos Pena, Kevin Youkilis, Dustin Pedroia, and Freddy Sanchez.


6.  Cleveland’s Kelly Shoppach who got plunked 18 times.


7.  Tim Wakefield (42), John Smoltz (42), and Brian Shouse (40).


8.  Infielder Josh Wilson who played for Arizona, San Diego, and Seattle.


9.  Matt Stairs who belted 5 pinch-hit HR for the Phillies last season.


10.  The St. Louis Cardinals had six former PawSox appear in games last season:  Trever Miller, Joel Pineiro, Chris Duncan, Julio Lugo, Joe Thurston, and John Smoltz.  The Brewers ranked second with five former PawSox. 


How did you do?  Let me know in the comments section.





One comment

  1. sittingstill

    All right–I’ll be brave (and honest…). Only managed to get two fully right: #2 and #10. I just don’t think of Wake with the PawSox, for some reason!

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