My Money Is On The Fu Manchu

I ran into Kevin Youkilis on an airplane a few days before Christmas and barely recognized him because he was clean-shaven.  The bushy goatee that inspired its own website – Beard of Truth Dot-Com – was nowhere to be found.


Youk running re.jpg 

(photo courtesy of Kelly O’Connor)


I didn’t ask Boston’s two-time All-Star first baseman and 2007 Gold Glove Award winner why the chia pet on his chin was gone, but my guess is that he shaves it in the off-season to be a little less recognizable.  Having achieved rock star status in Red Sox Nation, I’m sure that Youk has a hard time going anywhere in public (especially in New England) without being engulfed by autograph seekers and cell-phone camera picture takers.


Perhaps a winter without whiskers was the inspiration for his latest charitable endeavor called “Facial Hair Frenzy.”  Here are the details, courtesy of the Red Sox media relations staff:


FACIAL HAIR FRENZY: Kevin Youkilis’ Hits for Kids charity began the “Facial Hair Frenzy” on Thursday, March 4th…For every dollar given to Hits for Kids, donors will get a chance to vote on how Kevin’s facial hair will look on Opening Day…The “look” that receives the most votes (and donations) is how Youk will take the field on April 4…Voters choices are goatee, mustache, clean shaven or Fu Manchu…For more information visit or call (781) 444-9685.


If you go to the website, you’ll see this box labeled “Mirror Mirror On The Wall” that shows what Youk would look like with each of the four choices.


Youk's contest re.jpg 

(image courtesy of


I’m planning on voting for the Fu Manchu.  It costs $1 to vote.  You can vote as many times as you want if you’re willing to spend $1 for each vote.  All of the money goes to Youk’s charitable organization Hits for Kids.


Hits for Kids teams up with children’s charities and medical research programs in New England and in Kevin’s home town of Cincinnati, to help them raise money and awareness.


In this case, Youk is putting your money with his mug is.

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