Can You Keep A Secret? Josh Reddick Can

Pawtucket outfielder Josh Reddick is the third-rated prospect in the Red Sox organization, and according to Baseball America, “all five of Reddick’s tools are average or better.”


But they left something out of the scouting report:  Reddick can keep a secret.


Reddick swing re.jpg 

(photo courtesy of Kelly O’Connor)


For the past two days, Josh has essentially been hiding in a Boston hotel room in case either Mike Cameron or Jacoby Ellsbury had to go on the disabled list.  After the Red Sox determined that neither outfielder would be placed on the D.L., Reddick rejoined the PawSox in Rochester on Saturday night and is back in the starting lineup for Sunday’s game against the Red Wings.


“I was told not to tell anybody that I was leaving these guys, so it was pretty hush-hush,” Reddick told me.  “I did tell my parents.  I said, ‘Look – I’m going up there but there’s no guarantee that I’ll be activated.’  They keep a pretty good track of what’s going on in Pawtucket and I knew that if they saw I wasn’t in the lineup they would say, ‘Hey, what’s wrong?  Are you hurt?’  So I had to tell them just in case.”


So how did the 23-year-old spent his time?


“A lot of sitting around and waiting,” Reddick said.  “The first night I didn’t do a whole lot.  I basically went and grabbed some food and headed right back and enjoyed the hotel hot tub.  I think I fell asleep at about 8:30 that night.  They told me three different times the first night that I got there that, ‘We’ll let you know something tonight.’  Then it was, ‘We’ll let you know something tomorrow because we don’t know if we’re going to play because of the weather.’  Then they called me in the morning and said, ‘We’ll let you know around 4 o’clock.  Just have your mind set to come to Fenway or go back to the other guys.’  It just didn’t work out in my favor.”


Although Reddick was not activated, he was happy to be the player chosen to be ready just-in-case.


“Definitely,” Josh said.  “It’s always good to be that guy that gets called no matter how it works out for you because it means that they see you as one of their guys that they want up there.  So that’s always a good feeling.”


Sunday’s game in Rochester will be the first time that Josh has played since going 0-for-4 on Wednesday in Buffalo.  After hitting .390 in spring training for Boston, Reddick is off to a slow start with the PawSox batting .138 (4-for-29) in his first seven games.


“I feel like I haven’t played in a week, so hopefully the days off will give me a nice little boost here and get me in the groove,” Reddick said.


* * * * *


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