Nava Getting Movie Offers

It’s been two weeks since Daniel Nava hit a grand slam on the first pitch he ever saw in a big league game and his life story just keeps getting better and better.


Nava number 60.jpg 

(photo courtesy of Kelly O’Connor)


Heading into Saturday’s game in San Francisco, Nava is batting .326 with 7 doubles, 1 HR, and 10 RBI in his first 12 games with Boston and he’s the first Red Sox player since Mo Vaughn in 1991 to reach base in his first 12 major league games.


By now, the basic details of his remarkable story are well-known . . . too small to play a significant role on his high school team . . . two years as a team manager in college before a growth spurt allows him to play . . . overlooked in the draft despite starring at Santa Clara . . . MVP in the independent Golden Baseball League . . . contract purchased by the Red Sox for a buck . . . hits everywhere he plays in the minors . . . the toast of Red Sox Nation.


Even with that surplus of incredible material, it seems that we learn another great nugget about Nava every day including this gem from today’s San Jose Mercury News:


When Daniel Nava picked up the first and only hit of his junior season at St. Francis High School, his coaches considered it such a momentous occasion that they gave the ball to his parents as a memento.


Over the last few weeks, I’ve heard more than one person say, “They should make Daniel Nava’s story into a movie.” 


Guess what, it might happen.


Daniel’s father Don joined us on Saturday’s episode of “PawSox Insider” and I asked him if they’ve received any movie offers.


“A lot,” Don told me.  “Even before the last few weeks, people have told me it would be a great movie.  I agree because it’s the ‘Rudy’ story except that Daniel has talent and Rudy was only in for a couple of plays at Notre Dame.  There have been several movies offers – in fact, the first week that Daniel was with Boston, I had two people approach me within five minutes of each other.”


If a movie actually gets made, Don Nava hopes that it helps inspire people to do what Daniel did and follow their dreams.


“The great thing about it is that it could be like the movie ‘Blind Side’ – how can our lives be used to impact people’s lives and bring hope to people who have lost hope,” Don Nava said.  “Maybe they put their dreams on the shelf and now they dust them off and say, ‘Look at that Daniel Nava – he can do it, why can’t I do it?’  That would be the best thing about a movie.  His story would be told and could potentially inspire people who have lost hope.”


I’m thinking that the movie will be called “Grand Slam – the Daniel Nava Story.”  Hoard and Hyder are hoping to play ourselves.


* * * * *


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