A Must-Read About Kevin Youkilis

Kevin Youkilis gets it.


Youk! (resized).JPG 

He’s 31 years old, about to make $12 million dollars next year, and realizes that he’s in a position to use his fame and fortune to help others.


So he does.  It’s really that simple.


A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to play golf with my friend Paul Daugherty, an outstanding sports columnist for the Cincinnati Enquirer and Sports Illustrated.  During the course of our round, Paul mentioned that he had heard that Youk was heavily involved in charitable efforts and was considering writing about it.  Knowing that I live in Boston and work for the PawSox, he asked me if Youkilis was visible in the community during the off-season.


I told him that was definitely the case and mentioned that Kevin had personally appeared at a fundraiser for Raising a Reader – an organization that my wife is involved with that provides books to the children of low-income families.


Paul Daugherty wrote his story today and it’s tremendous.


Here’s the link.


And here’s a link to Hits for Kids – Youk’s charitable organization.


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