Now I Have To Rent “The Open Road”

In case you missed it, the Boston Red Sox added Stephen Drew to the roster on Friday — but not J.D.’s younger brother.

I’m referring to Stephen Drew Sutton who goes by his middle name.


(Photos courtesy of Kelly O’Connor)

“I think it was my mom’s idea to call me by my middle name and she should know better because she’s an English teacher,” Sutton said.  “She should have known that on the first day of school, I was always called by my first name and had to correct the teacher all the way from kindergarten through college.  I blame that one on my mom.”

Imagine how his Aunt Sally felt when she saw on TV that the Arizona Diamondbacks first round pick in the 2004 draft was Stephen Drew… only to be disappointed when they put his picture on the screen and she realized it was not her nephew.

Drew Sutton was not a first round pick in the ’04 draft (he was taken in the 15th round by the Astros), but he does have an interesting claim to fame:  He was Justin Timberlake’s body double in a movie.


I’ll let Drew fill-in the blanks:


“When I was playing in Corpus Christi, Texas in 2008, Justin Timberlake was making a movie called ‘The Open Road.’  You’ve probably never heard of it.  I don’t think it made it to the theaters and it’s probably even hard to find at Blockbuster.  Justin was in the movie with Jeff Bridges and played a Corpus Christi Hooks baseball player.  There was a part in the movie where he’s hitting and flies out and I was asked to be his body double.  They shot it from a helicopter where his character is hitting, but I am actually the one swinging.”


And yes, Sutton did get to meet the star who “brought sexy back.”

“He walked over to me and said, ‘Hey man, I’m J.T. – how’s it going?’ Sutton said.  “To come up and introduce himself when I was just a random minor league baseball player was pretty nice.  All of my teammates loved it because Jessica Biel was his girlfriend at the time and she was always sitting in the dugout.”

Too bad Jessica wasn’t in the movie.  They might have needed a body double for the love scenes. 

* * * * *

Jose Iglesias returned to the PawSox on Friday after getting his first taste of major league baseball and did not sound disappointed about returning to Triple-A.

“I need to play and learn every single day,” Iglesias told me.  “I’m happy to be back with the PawSox and back with my teammates again.”


The 21-year-old shortstop got into 6 games with the Red Sox, going 0-for-4 at the plate.  His most memorable highlight was scoring the winning run on a 11th inning double by Carl Crawford in a walk-off win over the Twins.


“Every game was special,” Iglesias said.  “I was there for 11 games and I think we won 9, so I feel like a lucky charm and that’s a good thing.  If the team wins, everything is good.”

* * * * *

The PawSox split an unofficial doubleheader on Friday, beating Columbus 5-2 in the conclusion of Thursday’s suspended game before losing the regularly scheduled game 3-0.


The most impressive performance was turned in by Jason Rice who pitched 3.2 hitless innings to earn his first Triple-A save in the opener.  Rice has pitched 11 consecutive scoreless innings in his last four outings. 

RHP Miguel Gonzelez had an impressive PawSox debut in the nightcap, allowing 1 run on 2 hits in 5 IP against the league’s highest-scoring team.  Unfortunately, Gonzalez took the loss as the PawSox were shutout on 3 hits by Zach McAllister.

After splitting the 4-game series in Columbus, the PawSox open a 4-game series on Saturday night at 7:00 in Toledo.

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