Bitten By The Cobra

Happy 60th birthday to the only person to ever hit me with a golf ball.

I was playing at Avon Fields Golf Course in Cincinnati.  While standing at a tee box at the bottom of a hill, I got drilled on the leg by a wild shot that came from an adjacent fairway that was out of my line of sight.  I never heard anyone yell, “Fore!”

The pain was excruciating and I told my playing partners that the idiot that hit the shot was about to get an earful when he came to find his golf ball.

All of the sudden a 6’5”, 230 lb behemoth came into view.  It was former National League MVP Dave Parker.

I had been bitten by The Cobra.

His list of career achievements include 7 All-Star Game appearances, 2 batting titles, 3 Gold Glove awards, 2 World Series rings, an MVP award…and a large purple welt on my shin.

So what did I say when Dave Parker arrived at his wayward Titleist?

I’m pretty sure it was something like, “Uh, sorry for getting in the way of your ball Mr. Parker.”

Happy Birthday to The Cobra – born on June 9, 1951.


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