After Getting A Shot, Youkilis Looks To Provide Shot In The Arm

This season, it would probably take less time for Kevin Youkilis to tell you which body parts don’t hurt than which ones do.

(Photos courtesy of Kelly O’Connor)

The three-time All-Star played through hip, ankle, and shoulder pain before finally going on the disabled list on August 18th with a lower back strain.

“They pulled me in after a game and said, ‘Let’s go get an MRI.’  I needed it,” Youkilis said.  “I couldn’t run well, I couldn’t bend over well, and I’m the type of player that will play through a lot of injuries and I might hurt myself more.  So we went in and got the MRI done and the next day they gave me an epidural.  They gave me the injection to help me out, so I rested for three days because that’s how long it takes for the shot to kick in and get you feeling a little bit better.  After that, for the next seven days we’ve been rehabbing and slowly progressing into baseball activities.

“I tend not to give out all of my injuries because, quite honestly, I never like to use them as an excuse.  Every year you have nagging stuff that bothers you and you’re never 100 percent.  But you find a way, get treatment, and figure it out.  Some days you’re hurting and you pop in a couple of Advil and you go out there and do your job.  Hopefully, I’ll have no problems for September and October and do some great things and stay healthy.

Youkilis and J.D. Drew joined the PawSox on 2-day rehab assignments on Tuesday, and both looked good in Pawtucket’s 8-6 loss at Rochester.  Drew singled in each of his three of his at-bats before leaving the game in the 5th inning, and Youkilis went 1-for-4 with a walk.  Kevin also lined a shot under the glove of Rochester third baseman Chase Lambin that was scored an error.    

Youkilis was Pawtucket’s designated hitter on Tuesday, so I figured that he would be making frequent trips to the clubhouse to get updates on the opening game of the Red Sox/Yankees series at Fenway Park, but Kevin said that his full attention would be on the action at Rochester’s Frontier Field.

“It’s fun to watch a lot of these young guys because they could be future teammates of mine,” Youkilis said.  “Also, some guys might have questions during the game and I feel like I might be able to help out.  If they have questions about baseball or anything in life, I’ll try to give them a little insight.  And hopefully, I can help them win because they’re in a pennant race too.”

Since Lehigh Valley lost in 14 innings to Scranton/WB, Pawtucket’s magic number for clinching the IL North is down to three.  If the PawSox make the playoffs and go on to win the Governor’s Cup, will Youkilis want a ring?

“I don’t want the PawSox to spend money on a ring for me,” Youkilis said.  “Hopefully I get the proper ring in the 2011 World Series with the Boston Red Sox.”

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