A Memorable Blocked Kick For Josh Brown

Do not – I repeat – do not try this in the backyard.

Kicker Josh Brown, who drilled all four of his field goal attempts in his Bengals debut last week, ranks 29th in NFL history by making 81.159% of his career attempts.  But when it comes to kicking a ball at a dude’s head, Brown is a perfect one-for-one.

In the movie Jackass 3D, Brown was hired to take part in a stunt simply called “The Field Goal.”

Jackass 3D poster

“It was about two years ago,” said Brown.  “I just got a random phone call from my agent who knew somebody who was promoting the movie.  Those guys had heard of me because some of them were from the Missouri area and I’m in the northeast corner of Oklahoma.”

If you’re unfamiliar with the Jackass movies, the stars voluntarily subject themselves to bizarre and often painful challenges.  Film critic Richard Roeper described the first Jackass film as “a disgusting, repulsive, grotesque spectacle, but it’s also hilarious and provocative.”

In Jackass 3D, a rotund daredevil named Preston Lacy allows Brown to boot a football directly at his face.

“That was a weird request, but I figured if I’m ever going to have a chance to do it legally and get paid for it, I should probably take the opportunity,” said Brown with a laugh.  “It really turned out to be a funny part of the movie.”

Judge for yourself.

“He was not wearing a mouth guard and his lower lip absolutely exploded,” said Brown.  “I hit him right on the chin and knocked him out.  It was probably the best-case scenario for him.  Had I hit him in the eyes or directly in the nose, it could have been a bloody, bloody mess.  I had to sign several waivers and so did he so that they couldn’t come after me for liability issues.”

Jackass 3D earned more than $170 million at the box office and Brown says he’s frequently asked about his kick more than two years after the film’s release.

“I have a 14-year-old son and his buddies absolutely love it,” Josh told me.  “The junior high kids get a big kick out of it.

“I wouldn’t attempt any of the things that they do, but all in all, it was fun to meet those guys.  There’s a lot more to them than what you see and they’re just a lot tougher than most people.”

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