With Migraines Sacked, Moch Takes Aim At QBs

Dontay Moch had 30 sacks in college at Nevada and has 4.5 in seven NFL preseason games with the Bengals.

So for those of us who will never know, what does it feel like to blow by an offensive lineman and nail the quarterback?

“It’s the same feeling that you get when you finish a Thanksgiving meal,” said Moch with a grin.

In other words, total satisfaction.


But the 25-year-old defensive end has rarely been able to enjoy that sensation in his first two years in Cincinnati.  Moch has only appeared in one regular season game due largely to chronic migraines.

“You can’t really see anything…you get a ringing noise in your head…all different types of things,” said Moch when asked to describe the symptoms.  “It brings you to your knees because of the pain.”

The good news is that the former third-round draft pick says that he hasn’t had a migraine in nine months.

“I’ve made a whole lifestyle change to take complete control over what I do and that seems to have fixed the problem,” Dontay told me.  “Dietary stuff, supplements, prescriptions if I have to take them…preventative things.

“I’ve talked to a lot of people.  I went out of my circle to get other opinions – different doctors and different routes and ways.  It took a little bit from everybody to figure out my situation because everyone is different.  It helps because it gives you a path toward understanding it better.”

Defensive end is one of Cincinnati’s deepest positions with Michael Johnson, Carlos Dunlap, Robert Geathers, Wallace Gilberry, and second-round draft pick Margus Hunt all likely to make the 53-man roster.  Moch’s path toward claiming one of the final spots lies in his ability as a situational pass rusher and as a special teams contributor.  Dontay is also eligible for the practice squad.

“We have a guy that got the franchise tag and a guy that just signed a six-year contract as well as a couple of vets behind them,” said Moch.  “Then we have a bunch of young guys that are nipping at their toes.  It’s a challenge, but I definitely feel like there is a place for me on the roster.  I’m going to show them that I can contribute and do my one-eleventh and be the man that they want me to be out there.  That’s all I can really do.”

“He has produced in these preseason games,” said Marvin Lewis.  “He had an opportunity.  As we’ve given opportunity other times, it hasn’t been the same.  Hopefully he continues to produce when it counts, against people that are more likely to be around on another club’s 53-man roster, to show proof that he can be productive on Sundays.”

Moch is a freakish athlete who set a record for defensive lineman at the NFL Scouting Combine by running a 4.44 40-yard dash (watch video here).  Now that the migraines are hopefully behind him, Dontay is trying to be a headache for opposing offensive lineman.

“My goal is to try to get penetration and get a sack or to try to force the quarterback to throw a bad ball,” said Moch.  “I’m healthy and I’m playing the best that I can.  This is going to be a great year to show what I can do because I’m 100% full-go now.”

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