2016 “Recruit” Already Having Impact

Cincinnati added 23 new players on National Signing Day last month, but Tommy Tuberville’s biggest recruiting coup this year might have happened a few weeks earlier when he convinced J.B. Grimes to join his coaching staff.

JB Grimes (440x216)

The veteran offensive line coach has more than 30 years of college experience and spent the last three seasons at Auburn. During Grimes’ tenure, the Tigers led the nation in rushing in 2013 and played for a BCS Championship that season. The players he mentored at Auburn included the second pick in the 2014 NFL draft in tackle Greg Robinson, and a Rimington Trophy winner in center Reese Dismukes.

“He’s a typical offensive line coach,” said Tuberville. “He’s about 5’9” and has the voice of a 6’8” guy. That’s the type of guy that it takes to coach offensive lines. I really thrilled to have him. He’s going to be great for the program.”

The question is, how did the Cincinnati head coach lure Grimes away from a traditional SEC power?

“I had a couple of aces in the hole in getting him here,” said Tuberville. “One, I’ve known him all my life. He’s from Arkansas and I’ve followed his career and he’s followed mine. Two, his son Nick is on the staff as a graduate assistant and coaches tight ends and I think that was a lure also. I called him and took a chance that he might be interested. I think Gus (Malzahn) was making some changes at Auburn and bringing some different guys in, and I think it was just perfect timing for us to be able to lure a guy like J.B. here.”

“Coach Tuberville and I have always wanted to work together,” said Grimes. “I’m just a dumb assistant, but he’s been a head coach for 20 years. I’m a career assistant and proud of it. I’ve worked for a lot of football coaches including six or seven Hall of Fame coaches and I’m working for another one now. Tommy Tuberville is a Hall of Fame coach – he’s in the Arkansas Hall of Fame right now. I’ve learned something from everybody that I’ve ever worked for and I’ve always wanted to work for Coach Tuberville. There were other circumstances in the past where life got in the way. But this was a chance to work with a guy that I really like and really respect as a coach, and I also have an opportunity to coach with my son.”

Grimes has coached for Frank Beamer and Lou Holtz among others, and comes with the reputation for being an excellent instructor of offensive line fundamentals.

“He is truly a technique guy,” said Tuberville. “Most guys like to do the ‘Xs and Os’ and don’t like to teach. He’s a true teacher and I needed somebody to come in and get our offensive line technique-sound and that’s what he started to do from day one.”

“Man, I love him,” said junior tackle Korey Cunningham. “I love that he’s hard on us and very precise with every little step we take. I have some friends that played for him at Auburn that said, ‘He’s going to get you to the next level.’ I’ve learned more with him over the last couple of days than I’ve learned in all of my years of playing football. He’s demanding and he’s going to get it out of us.”

At Cincinnati’s fourth spring training practice on Tuesday, it was easy to see that Grimes has a passion for teaching the intricacies of offensive line play.

“We don’t score touchdowns,” said Grimes. “I tell people that if you want to rob a bank, the best place to hide is the offensive line because ain’t nobody going to look for you there. We block people, ya know? There’s nothing romantic or sexy about it. We just have a passion for it if you’re the right kind of guy. I’d like to think that I’m that kind of guy.”

A guy who is arguably Cincinnati’s most important recruit in 2016.

“He’s here to stay and loves to recruit and we’re a little bit behind in some areas on the offensive line,” said Tuberville. “He has really worked hard to try to figure out as quickly as he possibly can what we need. It’s going to be fun to watch.”

“I have no agenda,” said Grimes. “I just want to coach the five guys up front. Let’s get better and go win some football games. That’s all I want to do.”

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