A Late Night With Letterman DVR Alert

Last year I attended a taping of the Late Show With David Letterman and learned that Dave comes out and takes a question or two from the audience before the show begins.


Well, I returned this week and was picked to ask a question before tonight’s (Friday’s) show, so I asked Dave if he would like to join me as a guest color commentator on 700-WLW radio during the Big East basketball tournament.  When Dave started laughing, I told him that I was serious because my broadcast partner Chuck Machock was kicked out of a game once for yelling at the refs and I might need Dave’s help if it happened again in New York.


Here’s a photo of Chuck being escorted off the court by a cop in the 2003 NCAA Tournament game between Cincinnati and Gonzaga.


Chuck Gets Tossed re.jpg 


And here’s a photo of CBS using a telestrator to point out where my color analyst was supposed to be sitting.

Where's Chuck re.jpg


Letterman was amused to learn about Chuck’s infamous moment and turned it into a running gag on tonight’s show. 


You’ll recognize a certain bald man laughing hysterically in the front row.




UPDATE:  Here’s a link to Dave’s opening monologue:  http://tiny.cc/QaRio

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